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Mac n' cheese to die for from Montpeliers.

February 21, 2017


After a spontaneous decision to go out for lunch with my sister who had just had a rather stressful job interview, I quickly rattled my brain for a place to eat. I then decided on Montpeliers and, after a little stalk on their website, menu and Instagram, I was set to run there, with my belly rumbling.


While reading their menu, I realised that they had a deal, I love deals, I live for deals. The deal was two main courses for two people for ten pounds, I repeat, TEN POUNDS!... Perfect, I thought, as pay day isn’t until Friday. The deal includes quite a few options including the main course of the day, a burger, mac n’ cheese and a few other options.


Following a short walk from our flat to Bruntsfield, we had arrived.


From the outside it was beautiful, alfresco dining surrounded with flowerpots filled with bright welcoming daffodils. After walking in, I was taken back with the beautiful décor and the tiles, the tiles are lush. We were quickly greeted by a smiley waitress who uttered a food photographer’s favourite words, ‘Would you like a seat by the window’, YES PLEASE.


We were brought over a bottle of water, which I love being given in a restaurant, it’s just one of those little things. After being given the menu, which I pretended to read as I had already decided before leaving the house what I was going to have, oops. I am bad for doing this, but I like doing my research. I hadn’t decided on which drink I was going to get but I did look at the cocktail menu which looked mighty fine but alas I was skint so I decided on a Belvoir Elderflower Presse, I can’t resist anything with Elderflower. When both mine and my sister’s drinks arrived, they were in beautiful crystal cut looking glasses with a garnish which was nice.


When looking at the food menu we discovered they sold nachos as part of their sharing section of the menu, we HAD to have them. Myself and my sister consider ourselves something of a nacho connoisseur, we make a mean bowl of nachos. These nachos I would say would be a 7 out of 10. The portion was enough for two, and the dips were also big enough to share. One of my faults with the nachos was there was only cheese on the top, when I make nachos I like to layer the cheese throughout the nachos so you always get a cheesy tortilla chip. That’s being fussy but I do like my nachos, although whatever cheese they used was good. However, the star of the show was the Guacamole. It was the bee’s knees, perfect consistency and it had lovely taste of red onion but it wasn’t overpowering. All in all, I have been charged a lot more for nachos this size in other places and these were by far the best I’ve had, and they were £5.45 which isn’t a rip-off.


And now for the main event, the truffle macaroni cheese. It was insane, I can taste it now, in fact I want to run to Montpelier right now even though Storm Doris is in full force outside. This macaroni cheese was so good, I didn’t even ask for a side of ketchup which, I do hate to admit, I normally love with macaroni cheese. The portion was so big I couldn’t even finish it. Even the rocket side salad was in a lovely wholegrain mustard dressing. I always find it’s nice when you get some greenery on your plate which has not just been plonked on your plate for some sort of added ‘decoration’ to the dish. Back to the macaroni cheese, it was beautiful in every single way, the truffle oil was prominent which just made the dish.


In conclusion, I will be going back to Montpelier as soon as I can. My parents saw my pictures on Instagram and they want to go when they come to visit me in March, woo! I want to try their dessert menu, and of course their cocktails to see if their mojitos are good. And I need to go for Brunch because their Instagram feed is filled with amazing brunch photos!


I would recommend Montpeliers to anyone, as they have food and drink for those who want to splash the cash but also for those on a budget. The décor is chic, and interesting. The staff were all friendly and haste.


Thank you for reading my first ever restaurant review, I would love some feedback!




Service 9/10                             Décor (Including toilets) 8/10                            Food and Drink 9/10




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