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Voulez-vous Chez Jules?

March 1, 2017



Finding somewhere that isn’t part of a chain, affordable or isn’t fast food in the city centre can be quite difficult. I really wanted to go somewhere with a set menu, I love set menus because I feel like most of the time they are good value for money and also, you don’t spend loads of time going through the menu debating your choice which is good with you are having a business lunch or just a quick lunch.


I remembered how much I enjoyed Chez Jules, and also how close it was to Princes Street. I had a look on their website and there it was in big bold letters, SET MENU. Woo! Perfect. It doesn’t actually say online what is included on the set menu but they must change it every so often.


The prices are as follows;




Served every day 12-4pm

1 course £5.90

2 course £7.90

3 course £9.90


I love going to Chez Jules, it does honestly feel like you are stepping into an actual authentic French restaurant. It’s like being transported into a Parisian restaurant found down an unsuspecting side street to find that you have accidently stumped upon a gem. I love the informal French décor, and all the little details like the red candlesticks in wine bottles on every table.


On arrival we were greeted almost immediately and taken to the only seat in the window, without us even asking, bonus points. We were given a chalkboard with the options for the set menu, 3 choices for starters, 3 main courses and two desserts to choose from. Then our waitress took over water, a basket of bread and butter, lettuce leaves with a gorgeous mustard French dressing and a plate with olives and salami. I love this about Chez Jules, as it makes you feel really welcome, like they aren’t at all trying to rush you to order, and free food, no complaints here.


I ordered the goats cheese salad with walnuts, rocket and honey, being my favourite combination of food types ever. The salad was a perfect size for a starter, and the goats cheese was delicious. For my main course, I ordered the skirt steak which came with peppercorn sauce and fries. Everything about this dish was tasty, the steak was very tasty and the peppercorn sauce was AMAZING, and finally the fries… they are proper French fries.. mhmmmmm.


My boyfriend had the French onion soup which I tried, and it was the nicest onion soup I’ve ever tasted. He also had the mussels for his main, with French fries and aioli (which I stole). We also both had apple cider, which was Stella Artois Cidre and it was only £4.40 for a 568ml bottle which isn’t too expensive for a restaurant.


Sadly, we were too full for dessert but there is always next time. In conclusion, two courses for £7.90 is incredibly good value for a restaurant in the city centre. I would recommend Chez Jules to anyone who loves French food, and doesn’t want to break the bank for a lunch out in town. The staff are lovely and they speak to you in French, which I love. The service is quick, but not too quick. All in all, it’s a perfect spot for lunch.


Thank you for reading my review, I hope you go and try Chez Jules for yourself!




Service 7/10                             Décor (Including toilets) 8/10                            Food and Drink 9/10


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