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Certainly no crumbs left at Lovecrumbs...

March 7, 2017

When deciding where to go on a coffee and cake date, it has got to be without a doubt Lovecrumbs. It is definitely my favourite place to have a hot chocolate and a cake in Edinburgh, as it has unusual flavours of hot chocolates and of course beautiful cakes.


As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with a cabinet sent from the heavens, full of gorgeous cakes. The second best thing to the cakes of course, but only just close behind is the window seat. Perfect for people watching, and also for Instagram obviously, it’s all about the lighting. After taking a while to choose my cake, my friend Erin and I decided to share. We both had the rose and cardamom hot chocolate, which I have had before and I just had to have it again. For cakes, we chose a chocolate and ginger cake, and a rose and rhubarb cake. They were both beautiful, especially the chocolate icing.


The décor in Lovecrumbs is another reason I love it, every detail is so thoughtful and creative. I just wanted to take photos of everything, and also my life will not be complete until I own a neon sign. The staff were also really lovely, and the service was speedy. Plus, it’s the food and drink great quality for the price, a hot chocolate is £2.90 and all the cakes are £3.50.


After finishing our hot chocolates and cakes, we ordered a soft drink. They had a selection of locally produced soft drinks, I chose the rhubarb and thai basil kitsch soda which was very refreshing but I wish it tasted more of basil.


All in all, if you want somewhere quirky to go for a coffee and cake, I’m afraid I don’t actually drink coffee so I'm afraid I can't comment, but

Lovecrumbs is the one.




Service 8/10                             Décor 10/10                            Food and Drink 9/10




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